Art and Design

Head of Department:

Mrs Urquhart

Head of KS3:

Mr Padgham

Subject Overview

The Art and Design department at NLL is based in an open plan subject specific classroom, where students have access to a large and varied range of art materials.  Students are encouraged to be creative, innovative and independent in their learning. Key skills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT are embedded in the subject.

Key Stage 3 

Key Stage 3 Overview:

In Key Stage 3, students explore a range of materials, techniques and processes. These include drawing, painting, print making, mixed media and sculpture.

Year 7:

In Year 7, students complete a formal elements project which sets them up with a variety of art skills needed to be successful in the project based learning throughout Years 8, 9 and GCSE.

Year 8 and 9:

In Years 8 and 9, students will work on a variety of projects, allowing them to develop their understanding of other artists work, develop their use of a range of materials and the ability to plan and produce outcomes.

Assessment at Key Stage 3:

KS3 students receive an attainment grade and ATL. This is based on the practical work that they have completed during their projects.  Students work is assessed throughout the projects in addition they complete controlled assessments at the start of terms 1 , 3 and 5.

Key Stage 4 

Key Stage 4 Overview:

At Key Stage 4, students build and develop the key skills taught at KS3.  They are required to record from observation, this includes drawing, photography and collecting images.  They investigate the work of other artists and then link theses to their own ideas. Students need to plan their ideas and then try out a range of approaches which are all presented as part of their portfolio. 

Students experiment with a range of different materials, techniques and process including painting, printmaking and mixed media.  Students also have the opportunity to use photography in their work.                                                            

Assessment at Key Stage 4:

All students will be studying the AQA Art and Design GCSE specification.

Students are assessed on their two coursework projects which is worth 60% and on their exam which is worth 40%.  Students are assessed on their ability to record from observation, investigate the artwork of others, material experimentation and final outcomes.