At New Line Learning Academy, our rich curriculum ensures every one of our students, regardless of their ability or individual ambitions, has the opportunity to engage in a broad, balanced and well-rounded education.

We want to ensure effective learning is in place within every classroom. Through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of qualifications that will enable them to succeed in life. We believe that students should enjoy their time at school – we want your child to be confident, comfortable and challenged both during lessons and during co-curricular activities.

We strive to ensure our students follow an engaging and relevant curriculum that will enable them all to achieve success. We are a truly comprehensive school, with a broad range of subjects and opportunities that encourage all abilities and aspirations, while preparing students for the next step in education or employment. Our unique curriculum is designed in partnership with parents and carers, local businesses and educational establishments to suit the personal needs of our students.

In September 2017, we will be introducing the New Line Learning Academy Grammar Stream. Eligible students will follow a personalised curriculum and enrichment programme that is carefully tailored to their needs and designed to develop their learning capabilities.