Frequently Asked Questions

We are certain that parents will have plenty of questions to ask us regarding your child(rens) transition from primary to secondary school. We hope that our FAQ page can help you with most of your questions. 

  • How often will I receive information about my child’s progress?

You will receive a progress report in December, March and July, including a full written report. You will also be invited to attend a parents evening to gain additional feedback.

  • Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

You can bring your mobile phone to school BUT if it is seen by a member of staff it will be confiscated. It must be turned off and in your bag or locker at all times.

  • What shall I do if I miss a day of school?

Your Parents/Carers must contact the school before 9am on the day of the absence, and everyday thereafter.

  • What should I do if I need time off school for an appointment or holiday?

Your Parents/Carers must contact the Academy via your form tutor to gain approval.

  • What do I do if I am late for school?

Sign in at reception. You will receive a 15-minute detention at the end of that day.

  • What should I do if I feel unwell during school time?

If you are all during a lesson, speak to your teacher and they will decide if you need to see a member of the medical team. If you are too unwell to stay in school, we will contact your parent/carer.

  • Can I take a drink in to my lessons?

No, but when it is extremely hot teachers may allow you to drink in class.

  • Is there a breakfast club?

There is a breakfast club which students who are Pupil premium may be invited to join. The Academy canteen opens at 7:30am for students to buy breakfast.

  • Do I have to have school dinners?

No, you can bring a packed lunch or buy cold food from the canteen if you wish.

  • How do I pay for my food?

We run a cashless catering system at NLL. Your parents/carers will be given an online login so they can load money on to your card in advance.

  • What happens if I am eligible for free school meals?

Your parents/carers must apply online at  If your application is successful, the money for a hot meal and a dessert will be loaded onto your card each day for you to get lunch.

  • Can food allergies be catered for?

Yes, please ensure that all details are placed on the Student Information sheet, which you will be given in due course.

  • Are there water fountains in school?

Yes, there are water fountains in each plaza, outside the sports hall and in the canteen.

  • Do I get a locker?

Yes, every student will be allocated a locker on their first day in September. You will also be given a swipe card, which is used to open your locker.

  • What is the Learning Gateway?

The Learning Gateway can be accessed through the parent section of our website. It allows parents/carers and students to access information on attendance, achievement and behaviour points and academic reports.

  • How can I access my homework from home?

There is a Home Learning section on our website where all homework is published.

  • How often will my parents receive information about me?

Academic reports are issued every term.

  • How often are parents’ evenings?

Parents evenings are held once a year. If you have concerns in the meantime, please contact your child’s form tutor.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

01622 743286