Performing Arts

Head of Department:

Mrs L Chapman (acting)

Subject Overview:

NLL operates a three-year Key Stage 3 (KS3), resulting in students opting for GCSEs/Vocational Courses in Year 10 and sitting their examinations at the end of Year 11.  The Performing Arts department offers an extensive extra-curricular curriculum where students from all years can develop their skills in all three areas of the subject further. Performance opportunities include touring feeder schools within the pantomime production, straight-plays, dance shows and competitions, and music concerts.

Key Stage 3 

Key Stage 3 Overview:

In KS3, students participate in Dance, Drama and Music lessons, which deliver a foundation of performing arts skills. Students will learn key terminology and practical skills through accelerated lessons. Students will be expected to work through teacher-led exercises and are given many opportunities to explore and promote their skills further through choreography, devising, composing tasks. To support students progress, self-evaluations are completed at the end of each term to help students identify their strengths within the subject area and understand how best to improve.

Year 7:

In Year 7, Dance, Drama and Music lessons are delivered once a week. This lesson structure is a great way for the students to be introduced to the expectations of the Performing Arts department and develop their knowledge of the arts. All lessons are tailored for the students, considering their interests and abilities and how best to engage the students in the curriculum.

Year 8:

Performing Arts lessons in Year 8 run on a carousel and allow students to attend two lessons a week on their focused discipline. This structure develops students skills more effectively and gives the students an insight into the demands of the BTEC courses taken in KS4. This will also give the students the opportunity to determine whether a particular discipline wants to be pursued further as a BTEC option.

Year 9:

In Year 9, students opt for the discipline they wish to focus on and spend the year developing their craft in preparation for the BTEC course. The lessons are structured similar to the BTEC course, so students understand the demands of the work, this also allows students to develop their skills at a higher level and fully prepare them for the course in Year 10.

Assessment at Key Stage 3: 

Assessment in Key Stage 3 is completed every 6 weeks and will based on the key skills from the current scheme of work the students are studying. Students are assessed by three strands- Choreography/Devising/Composing, Performance and Evaluation, this structure means the students participation throughout the term is reflected in their final assessment grade.

Key Stage 4 

Key Stage 4 Overview:

For Key Stage 4, students can opt to specialise in the Performing Arts, studying either Dance, Drama or Music at Level 1/2 (GCSE equivalent) in a BTEC First Award. Students currently select Dance or Drama (they cannot study both) and/or Music and will have two lessons a week.

BTEC Dance and Drama students due to start the course in September 2017, will be completing new exam specification. Further information on the course material to come.  

Dance and Drama deliver the following units for the current Year 11 students:

  • Unit 1- Individual showcase (solo/monologues)
  • Unit 2- Preparation, performance, production (Group/ensemble piece)
  • Unit 3/ 4- Acting/ Dance skills (Learning key techniques and styles)

In Music, the following units are delivered in Key Stage 4:

  • Unit 3 Introducing live sound
  • Unit 5 introducing a music performance
  • Unit 2 managing a music product
  • Unit 1 the music industry

Years 10 and 11:

Depending on the unit being studied, students continue their development of their chosen performing art through practical and theory sessions to support the technical and coursework aspects of the course. Students are expected to demonstrate high levels of discipline, completing all work within the deadlines set. Students also need to be prepared to perform in front of live audiences as part of the assessment elements of the course.

Assessment at Key Stage 4:

BTEC First Award in Dance and Drama

Units 2 & 4 are internally assessed. Students will be assessed upon practical work, self-management and course work.
Unit 1 is externally assessed by Edexcel.

BTEC First Award in Music

Units 2, 3 & 4 are internally assessed. Students will be assessed upon practical work, self-management and course work.
Unit 1 is externally assessed by Edexcel.