Here at New Line Learning we value the work students do, both in school and at home. In year 7, we promote a variety of different Home Learning tasks that cater for a range of abilities and interests. We would like you to begin your education at NLL and take part in some of our activities. Whether you are into Sports, Performing Arts, English, Humanities, Maths or Science, we have a project for you!

You can take part in as many projects as you desire and can submit work in a variety of ways including: videos or music, email or simply written copies.

The more you hand in, the more you win! 

Prizes include: shopping vouchers, reward points on entry to Year 7, school equipment and much more.

Click on the link below to access the projects available. After clicking on each link your project will be downloaded into 'Downloads' on your computer. PDF files can be downloaded to your computer after being opened. 

To upload any videos (A maximum of 2 minutes in length) please use 'WeSendIt'

Here you will need to: 
Add your file
Enter into recipient box
Enter your parents email address 
In the message box, enter your name, your school and a brief description of your video

No subscription is required to use 'WeSendIt'. 

All work and enquiries can be sent to