School Uniform

To purchase items of clothing at Simmonds, please click here.


Sweatshirt / Jumper

  • New Line Learning black jumper, slipover or cardigan with purple trim and logo


  • A plain white school shirt to be worn, tucked in and buttoned to the neck
  • Shirts must be worn with a school tie. Girls can choose to wear an open neck New Line Learning blouse. 

Trousers / Skirts

  • Black, formal, full-length, straight legged school trousers. No pockets are allowed to the rear. Jean or jersey (jeggings/leggings) fabrics are not allowed. Embellishments are not acceptable
  • Skirts must be pleated and knee-length

Footwear / Tights

  • Sensible, plain black shoes
  • Plain black socks or plain black/flesh-coloured tights

Outdoor Clothing

  • Coats, hooded tops, scarves and outside layers are not to be worn inside the school building and will be confiscated


  • Sensible, neat haircut. Hair should be of a natural colour. Extreme hair styles (e.g. anything below a number two) and extreme colours (pinks, blues etc) are not allowed.


  • Facial piercings are not permitted
  • One small pair of ear piercings will be acceptable


  • Natural looking make-up may be worn
  • False eyelashes are not allowed
  • Painted and false nails are not acceptable

PE Kit

  • Purple New Line Learning polo shirt
  • Black jogging bottoms or shorts
  • Sports leggings may be worn but not normal leggings
  • Trainers

Additional Equipment

In addition to uniform, students will need the following equipment as a minimum;

  • Student 360
  • A rucksack or messenger style bag
  • A pencil case including; 2 black pens, 2 green pens, 2 pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor, colouring pencil
  • A reading book