Our Ethos

At New Line Learning Academy, we are committed to the delivering the highest standard of education for the young people in our care. In return, we expect our pupils to be committed to their studies and strive to achieve their goals. 

Our ethos is clear; believe and achieve

Our diverse curriculum and inspirational buildings challenge all abilities, while stretching the curious minds of the young people in our care. Pupils are encouraged to go outside of their comfort zones, be creative and take full advantage of the advanced technology and enriching opportunities we are proud to offer. 

Our pupils’ wellbeing is at the heart of our academy. By providing a caring and nurturing environment, we ensure pupils are free to flourish as polite, kind and well-rounded individuals. At New Line Learning Academy, everyone respects one another, as well as their right to learn, develop and thrive. 

Our core values are: 

R – Ready
R – Respectful
S – Safe

New Line Learning aims for all of its pupils to be well-motivated and self-aware learners, who can conduct themselves appropriately in a range of situations. We also aim to create an ethos and an environment in which pupils feel safe and in which they can learn to interact respectfully, sensibly and maturely with others. We want our pupils to develop into responsible citizens, playing an active part in the school, local and wider communities. We want pupils to behave appropriately because it is the right thing to do. Underpinning this, we expect all staff to be positive role models. Ultimately, we believe that all members of the school community deserve to be treated with dignity.

As of 2019 we have adopted the Paul Dix Restorative approach to pupil engagement. This approach focuses on supporting pupils and having them understand their actions, rather than punishing them. You can read more about changes to our pupil engagement system here.