Blended Learning

Pupil Guide to Blended Learning

Due to the ever-present changes and following government guidelines, this guide aims to simplify the expectations that are expected in different scenarios.

Scenario: the class are in school, but the teacher is isolating and delivering the lesson remotely

The teacher will be on your screen delivering the lesson. 

Enter the lesson, sit in your usual seating plan and organise your books. 

The cover teacher will organise setting your teacher up on the screen. Ensure the date and LO are written in your book. You may have a starter to complete.

When your teacher is on the screen you will be able to see your teacher but he will not be able to see you. Listen to the information your teacher gives. If you have a question, raise your hand and wait for the cover teacher to ensure the microphone can be heard.

The lesson expectations stay the same. The cover teacher will support your learning and liaise with your subject teacher to ensure you have all of the tools needed to succeed. The cover teacher is in charge of the classroom. Absolute focus is needed. The REWARD and SWAT systems will be used to support engagement. 

Scenario: The majority of the class and teacher are in school, but one or more pupils are isolating at home[1].

You will need to access TEAMS via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. You will need to ensure you have taken your school exercise books home to complete the tasks. 

The teacher’s computer will be presenting to the classroom display whilst at the same time running a Teams call with the isolating pupils in attendance. 

You will follow your normal timetable. Your teacher will invite you to join the lesson. You can access the lesson by clicking on your calendar. 

The lesson will appear in your calendar

When you click on your lesson a box will appear and ask you to JOIN. 

Click JOIN

When you join make sure your camera is turned off. 

Make sure you are muted. Your teacher will ask to you to unmute when he asks a question. It will be best to wear headphones as this will stop any noise

Your teacher will share their screen with you. You will be able to see their PowerPoint and hear their instructions. In order to get your teachers attention, you can use the raise hand icon. This shows your teacher you have a question. 

Alternatively, you can ask all questions in the chat screen. This means that when your teacher has finished speaking to the class, they can communicate with you.

All work should be completed in your book. Send your teacher a picture of the work you completed to show you have been working.

To access the resources, from the lesson, your teacher will upload all of the work to files and name the folders with the date and title of the work. 

Just look in your class materials folder.

Your teacher may also upload resources before the lesson so you can prepare for the lesson. 

Scenario: Bubble lockdown. Your year group is at home, but your teacher is in school

You will access virtual lessons via Microsoft Teams. 

You will follow your normal timetable. Your teacher will arrange a meeting on your calendar at the normal time of your lesson. 

Follow the steps in the previous scenario to connect to the lesson. 

All work will need to be completed in books and evidence submitted via a photo on chat or on your Team’s wall. 

You may have to submit work in different ways:

  • Assignments – these should be used for extended work. If it is a double lesson or you need to complete via home-learning, you may have an assignment. If it is a “marked” piece of work, you may have an assignment. You have been shown in school how to complete these. 
  • Upload via chat or post. This may be work completed on Word, PPT, Excel etc…
  • Complete work in books/paper – submit a photo for evidence work has been completed on chat or on the wall. 

ScenarioFull Lockdown. Both pupils and staff are working from home for an extended period of time

In this scenario, all lessons will become lectures and go virtual. 

A new timetable will be sent home detailing when subjects “lectures” are. Lectures will be an hour long and pupils and staff will have a new virtual learning timetable. The only live learning will be via lectures and they will vary dependant on subject and year group.

Follow similar guidance to previous scenarios. Join your lecture via your calendar and access the lecture without your video and mute your microphone. 

To ask a question raise your hand and use the chat button for all questions. Your teacher can respond privately or to everyone.  

Lectures will be longer, usually an hour, and you will receive more documents to read independently. Make notes and view all of the documents. Where possible, all work will be completed as an assignment. You may have different tasks (like watch a video) to help you complete your assignment. 

If you are accessing Teams through a phone, complete the assignment in your book or on paper. 

ScenarioI don’t have any technology

Please contact the school who will organise a work pack. These work packs will be for every lesson. Student support managers will complete wellbeing checks for pupils. All work must be completed and handed in on return. Work packs will be read by your teacher and you will receive verbal feedback. 

[1] This only works for pupils who have a smart phone, tablet or laptop at home.