Careers Websites


Once registered (for free), build your profile by identifying which skills and qualities you are strongest in, these are then “matched” to jobs you maybe suited to in the future. Delve deeper into the information to find out how many opportunities there maybe locally, what other jobs are similar and actual job openings. This “matching” works for some pupils but not all, as your ideas often change as you develop. However, with this website you can return to your profile time and again, as your skills develop and ideas change. 

National Careers Website

This site contains hundreds of different job profiles, each with further links to explore and labour market information for each role and sector. 


Explore different roles and search by subject areas to find out where your choices could take you. Complete the personality quiz called “the buzz quiz” to see if your personality is a good fit with different occupations. This is useful for some pupils but not the only way to decide on your future choices.


Find out what different occupations are like by listening to and watching people who do them.

Careers Theory

Useful for finding out why your ideas and choices will change over time. Different ideas for teachers, parents and pupils who like to know a little more.

Useful sites for parents : and

Access Project (The): Delivers a personalised programme for year 10s to year 13s to support them in securing places at the UK’s most selective universities.

Access Aspiration: Helps you do just that. Currently London only.

Ahead Partnership: Connects schools with local employers to develop work-related activities for pupils.

Aspire-igen: Provides employability, training and guidance services in Yorkshire and beyond.

AspirePeople: Is an education recruitment agency that also provides a list of useful resources for teachers, cover supervisors and students.

Barclays LifeSkills: Helps you to identify skills, gain experience, be inspired and supercharge your CV.

Believe in Young People: Is a charity which prepares and places young people into the world of work.  

BestCourse4Me: A free service that aims to provide the most up to date information to help students decide on what course is right for them.

Big Bang Fair (The): Is an award-winning Fair for Young Scientists & Engineers, celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Bridge2Work: Run by Loughborough College, students can receive job coaching, help with apprenticeships applications, careers advice etc.

Brightside: The top UK providers of e-mentoring for career and uni choices.

Brilliant Club (The): A charity that places doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in state schools with the aim of helping pupils secure places at selective universities.

Brokerage (The): A charity that introduces thousands of young Londoners to City careers and has helped thousands to access career opportunities.

BT Moving On: Offers job application and interview skills for young adults aged 14-19.

Business in the Community – Business Class: Creates partnerships between schools and businesses that are beneficial to both parties.

Career Academies: Are schools-within-schools’ which offer learning through career-related classes focusing on skill-sets for a chosen industry.

Careers and Enterprise Company: Offers the world of work to schools and invests in locations that need support.

C&K Careers: Offers quality, impartial information, advice and guidance services to young people and adults.

Career Connect: Offers quality independent careers advice to young people and adults. It works with parents, schools/colleges and businesses.

CareerMap: A leading website for 15-19-year-olds looking for a pathway into apprenticeships and early career opportunities.

Career Ready: A charity that links employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people.

careersbox: Shows careers films on the web.

Careers Explorer: An easy to use program to generate career ideas. By answering job-related questions you can compare your skills and interests with graduate jobs.

Careers for Schools: Offers online careers packages, available directly to schools, by annual subscription.

Careers Lab: Provides a framework to bring together schools and businesses, with the aim of inspiring young people to think about their futures.

Careers South West: Offers information, guidance and support to people and organisations.

Careers World: Covers many different academic courses, apprenticeships courses and vocational training in the UK. It also lists jobs and apprenticeships.

CASCAID: Is the leading producer of careers information and guidance solutions.

Challenge (The): Is the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society. Its programmes are NCS, HeadStart and Step Forward.

Citizenship Foundation: Helps teachers to teach citizenship and helps young people understand politics, the law and democratic life.

City Year UK: As role models,  tutors and mentors, City Year’s volunteers help children from disadvantaged communities succeed in school.

Class Careers: Enables students direct access to employers from the comfort of their classroom via online worshops.

CXK: Provides advice and guidance to help people progress into, education, training or meaningful employment in Kent, Medway, Sussex and Essex.

Discover What  Matters: Find advice, games, quizzes and inspiration to help you find the career path which might suit you. This is a website that has lots of volunteering opportunities. It is possible to search by town or postcode.

EDT: Some basic and some seriously challenging STEM experiences

Engineering in Motion: Provides educational experiences through the magnetic appeal of Formula 1, motorsport and automotive engineering.

EngineeringUK: Works with the engineering community to promote the vital role of engineers and engineering to society.

Envision: Brings together schools, local businesses, charities and volunteers to provide a practical learning experience.

F1 in Schools: Supported by Formula 1, F1 in Schools is a global STEM challenge and competition.

Fast Tomato: Offers online career guidance programmes for teenagers, helping students explore the different career opportunities open to them.

Form the Future: Connects schools and businesses to help students prepare for their future careers.

Founders4Schools: Aims to improve the opportunities of students by giving them access to inspirational business leaders in the community.

Future First: Creates and runs effective alumni networks for state schools.

Future Foundations: Uses experiential learning to develop confidence, character, ambition. Home of the McKinsey Leadership Academy.

Future Frontiers: One-to-one coaching from university students.

FutureLearn: Try out university subjects before you commit to them.

Futures Advice: Provides employment training, careers advice and apprenticeships to young people and adults. A website listing apprenticeships, entry-level jobs, advice, training and courses.

Futureversity:  Provides free courses and activities for 11-25-year-olds across Tower Hamlets and London.

GFutures: Works with people of all ages in Gloucestershire to improve their futures.

Global Generation: Works with young people, businesses and families in King’s Cross as well as at its campsite in Wiltshire.

Greenpower: Aims to advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology to young people.

Groundwork UK: Re-connects people with nature while transforming neighbourhoods.

Guides: Go on trips, take up activities, develop skills, improve your confidence and take up leadership roles.

Ideas4Careers: Career advice and guidance service for young people, parents, schools/colleges and adults in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Inspira: Careers advice and guidance centres in Cumbria and North Lancashire; there is also a National Citizen Service programme.

Inspiring Futures: Full-line careers advice.

Inspiring the Future: Draw on the careers experience of a huge range of successful people.

Inspiring Women: Women volunteer to talk to girls in state schools about the jobs they do and how they got there.

IntoUniversity: Learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve a university place or a chosen aspiration.

Key UK (The): Runs projects for young people aged 11-25 in the North East, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Learn by Design: Provides educational products and services to inspire future generations.

Manufacturing Institute (The): Offers world-class education and training, carried out by manufacturers for manufacturers.

Mosaic: Runs mentoring programmes at schools and for ex-offenders as well as leadership programmes.

Moving On Magazine: Explores gap years, apprenticeships, work experience and further education.

My Big Career: Free careers support for schools with high levels of disadvantaged pupils.

MyBnk: Delivers financial education and enterprise directly to 11-25-year-olds in schools and youth organisations.

MyKindaFuture: Organises challenges and interactions with major companies in a wide range of UK schools

National Careers Service: Provides careers information, advice and guidance.

National Citizen Service: A program that offer exhilarating challenges to 15-17-year-olds.

NCVO: Connects, represents and supports volunteering and the volunteering sector.

Not Going to Uni: A website listing apprenticeships, gap years, distance learning opportunities and jobs.

One Education: Supports educational professionals.

Outstanding Careers: Specialists in providing cost-effective careers support, consultancy and bespoke training.

Outward Bound Trust (The): Runs challenging and adventurous outdoor learning programmes help develop young people.

PET-Xi: Works with schools across the UK to deliver intensive interventions for students who are at risk of not achieving their academic potential

Primary Futures: Aids primary school children by helping them make the connections between their learning and their futures.

Prospects: Guides students to make the right choice of career.

ReachOut: Helps young people from disadvantaged communities in London and Manchester via one-to-one mentoring.

Right to Succeed: Aims to find, pilot and replicate solutions to educational inequality in schools.

SACU-Student: Offers innovative help with choosing uni courses and careers.

SchoolLeaverJobs: Has loads of jobs and apprenticeships for school leavers.

Scouts: Offers 6-25-year-olds fun and challenging activities, everyday adventure and the chance to help others.

Skills East of England: The region’s biggest skills, jobs and careers event for young people.

Skills Show (The): The nation’s largest skills, apprenticeships and careers event.  

Sky Academy: Uses the power of creativity, TV and sport to inspire young people.

Smallpiece Trust (The): Supports 12-18-year-olds who wish to bring their ideas to life through STEM.

Solutions for the Planet: Works to promote education for sustainable development, social enterprise, and STEM careers.

Speakers for Schools: Provides talks from some of the UK’s leading figures at UK state schools.

Springboard Charity (The): Helps deliver the skills to succeed in a career within hospitality, leisure and tourism.

STEM Insight: Offers staff in schools and colleges a chance to experience STEM-related work in industrial or university settings.

STEM Learning: Support for teachers and others involved in STEM education.

STEMNET: Organises visits from working professionals to help with science, technology and maths

Step up to Serve: Promotes social action among 10-20 year-olds.

Student Room (The): A place where you can discuss GCSEs, A Levels, universities, health, lifestyle and careers.

Success at School: A a nationwide careers website for students aged 13-19 years.

TechFuture Badge Academy: Inspires young people to build tech skills, outside the usual formal qualifications.

TechFuture Women’s Network: A network of female tech professionals who volunteer their time to inspire young people.

Techmix: A leading digital skills and digital careers magazine. Also, runs an annual Digital Summer Trip.

Tenner Challenge: An interactive way for students to develop key business skills using real money.

ThinkForward: Helps improve the chances of making a successful transition from education into employment.

Tomorrow’s Engineers: A platform for employers to work with schools to inspire students to consider engineering as a career.

Twenty Twenty: Helps young people gain confidence, earn qualifications, learn work-ready skills and get a job.

U-Explore: An online web app for 11-19-year-olds to explore career and training paths.

Unifrog: A platform for schools to bring into one place every apprenticeship, university course and college course in the UK.

Universe of Engineering: aims to encourage more young people to consider careers in STEM-related professions.

Volunteer It Yourself: Combines volunteering and DIY while fixing up local youth club and community centre buildings.

WA: Sometimes has details of internships for motivated and politically interested individuals. Provides short structured work placements for 14-19-year-olds, via their school or college.

WorldSkills UK: Champions world-class apprenticeships and technical skills.

Young Enterprise: Runs hands-on employability and financial education programmes.

Your Future Careers Fairs: More than 100 fairs run annually for 11-18-year-olds.

Your Life: A 3 year STEM campaign to ensure the UK has the Physics and Maths skills it needs to succeed in today’s economy.