Changes to Engagement System

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you for your support with the changes to the engagement system from Monday 8th July, this has already made a very positive impact to our goal of creating disruption free classrooms. We appreciate the support that your child has also shown in our continued drive for excellence at New Line Learning Academy. 

As we continue to improve systems within the Academy there are further changes we are making to improve the quality of your child’s education from start of term in September 2019.

Contact from your child’s support manager

If your child has been placed into the Internal Engagement Room, your child’s support manager will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to inform you of this. At this stage they will inform you that your child will remain at school until 3:40pm. 

Internal Engagement Room

If your child is transferred to the Internal Engagement Room, your child will remain in school until 3:40pm, this will take place on the day that the transfer has occurred. 

Your child’s support manager will contact you via telephone to inform you. If you’re unavailable, they will leave a voice message when possible. If unsuccessful they will make contact via email or text. It is your responsibility as parent/carer that the school are kept up to date with any changes in contact details. 

It will be your responsibility as parent/carer to contact the school should you have been left a message.

Your child’s support manager will follow the above contact procedures when your child is placed into the Internal Engagement Room.

Pupil engagement report card

Pupil report cards will be used to monitor pupil performance and underachievement. If your child isn’t meeting the required standards, they will be placed on the engagement card by their support manager. A letter will be sent home to inform you of this. 

The report card will last for two weeks in the first instance to monitor your child’s performance across all lessons. If your child’s performance doesn’t improve, you will be required to attend the school for a meeting to discuss further. 

Your child will be issued a daily report each morning on line up and it is their responsibility to ensure that their teachers complete this each lesson.

Each afternoon your child will have a report meeting with their support manager at 3pm in 7B. 

If your child receives two crosses on their report, they will be transferred to the Internal Engagement Room for a school day. 

Other comment reasons for a two week cycle on the report card are:

  • Transferred to Internal Engagement
  • Return to mainstream from Gateway exclusion
  • Underperformed in mainstream lessons. 

Pupil equipment

Your child will continue to line up at 8:30am to meet their form tutor for their daily standards check. 

Should your child fail to present their 360 or a school bag suitable for an A4 folder they will be placed in the Internal Engagement Room.

The school intend for all pupils to be carrying their class books, folders and resources to and from school from September 2019, therefore it is essential that all pupils have a large enough bag to carry these. 

Below, I include the earlier changes that we have made to the engagement system from Monday 8thJuly.

Transfers from Lessons

If a pupil receives a ‘T’ transfer whilst on the SWAT system, they will be collected by a member of staff on patrol and taken to the Internal Engagement Room, for a school day. We aim that pupils return to normal lessons with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  If in the unfortunate circumstance your child does not meet the required standards in the Internal Engagement Room, they will be sent home with parent/carer permission and return to school from 3.00pm – 5.00pm, to complete any work missed.

‘A’ on the SWAT System

If a pupil receives an ‘A’ action whilst on the SWAT system they will be required to complete 15 minutes the following day in a centralised detention in 7B. Your child’s student support manager will inform them of this during ‘line up’ at 8:30am. 

If your child receives 2 ‘A’ actions in a school day your child will be placed in a 40 minute detention the following day, your child’s student support manager will notify you of this. 

If your child receives 3 ‘A’ actions in a school day they will be transferred to the Internal Engagement Room for a school day, for a period of reflection. 

If your child misses a scheduled detention this will then be escalated. 

Late to Lessons

At New Line Learning Academy we define late to lesson as arriving later than 3 minutes after the bell sounds. If a child arrives any later than 3 minutes they will receive a late mark.

If a pupil receives 1 late mark in a school day their student manager will be in contact to notify you of a 40 minute detention.

If your child happens to receive their second late mark of the day they will be collected by patrol and taken to the Internal Engagement Room for a school day to complete a period of reflection.

If your child has been delayed to a lesson with a valid reason they will receive a note in their 360 from the relevant member of staff to explain this, this will subsequently prevent them from being recorded as late.

We will also continue to focus on reducing: 

Boisterous behavior, this includes; pushing, shoving, running, shouting, littering, making loud noises and chewing gum in school.  If a pupil is seen completing any of the above they will be transferred to the Internal Engagement Room for a school day.

In the first instance, please contact Mr Richardson if you require any clarification on the changes to the engagement system. His email address is Should Mr Richardson not be able to answer your query he will pass further matters onto myself.


We appreciate your continued support.

Yours sincerely,
Ms S Mackie