GCSE Results

The staff and pupils at New Line Learning Academy are today celebrating their examination results, which highlights excellent pupil performance. The outcomes that pupils have achieved demonstrates the consistent progress that all continue to make within the Academy.

It is testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff that this year’s results enable our pupils to progress onto Key Stage 5 study with the qualifications they need.

64% of our pupils achieved a grade 4-9 in English with 44% of pupils achieving a grade 4 in Maths. 42% of pupils achieved a grade 4 in English and Maths, which demonstrate improvement upon previous years. This highlights a continued improvement upon previous results, demonstrating the dedication and hard work of all pupils and staff in ensuring pupils reach and exceed their full potential. 

The focus at New Line Learning Academy is ensuring all pupils have a curriculum to suit their needs, with many pupils being given the opportunity to gain qualifications where the mainstream setting has not been appropriate. This demonstrates the inclusive curriculum for all pupils within Year 11 to enable pupils access both academic and vocational qualifications. 

Headteacher, Paul Murphy comments, “Our pupils who joined us in September 2014 can be extremely proud of their results which highlight their hard work and determination to succeed. These results, across this year group, are especially notable given the educational climate which includes reformed qualifications.”

There are a number of outstanding results that deserve individual recognition including a grade 9 in English Language achieved by Weronika Szpak.

(Left) Owen Hayward, English Language 7, English Literature 8, Maths 8, Science 8-8, Dance merit, Music merit

(Middle) Weronika Szpak, English Language 9, English Literature 6, Maths 7, Science 7-6, Polish 9, Drama merit, Music distinction, Travel and Tourism merit

(Right) Deepti Tamang English Language 7, English Literature 6, Maths 7, Science 8-8, Art 6, Geography 6, Travel and Tourism distinction*, Finance A 





(Left) Jack Riordan, English Language 7, English Literature 7, Maths 5, Science 5-5, History 7, Physical Education 6, Drama distinction

(Right) Mark Tritton English Language 7, English Literature 6, Maths 4, Science 5-5, Spanish 5, Music distinction, Travel and Tourism distinction*.






Max Emberley, English Language 6, English Literature 8, Maths 6, Science 7-6, History 6, Physical Education 6, Travel and Tourism distinction, Finance A




Another notable successful pupil is Jess Austin who received English Language 6, English Literature 7, Maths 5, Science 7-6, Geography 6, History 6, Health and Social distinction*, Finance A

These achievements allow our pupils to follow the path of their choice, whether that be into further education, apprenticeships or other further training. A significant number of our pupils will now progress onto the Trust Sixth Form to complete their Key Stage 5 studies.

We wish all of our pupils continued success in the future and we are confident that their determination to succeed will enable all of them to continue with their personal journeys.

We believe that New Line Learning Academy provides a wonderful opportunity for pupils to fulfil their potential in a caring and vibrant community where an inclusive curriculum enables all pupils to succeed.