Grammar Stream

Grammar Stream Curriculum Intent

Target Pupils 

Students identified as high prior attainment by Fisher Family Trust (top third nationally)

Students identified as contextually more able either from KS2 results, Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT), baseline assessment performance or through in year Average Point Score (APS)

Curriculum Diet


Students attend all core subjects together. Practical subjects are individually set. Curriculum should mirror that of the core group with extra focus on depth rather than breadth of study. Grammar Stream students should be demonstrating a secure or mastery understanding of the topic material rather than moving through the scheme of learning at an accelerated rate. 

Students will study the following subjects to ensure a breadth of curriculum.

MathsEnglishScienceArtPhysical EducationHistoryFood and Cookery
MusicDanceDramaLiteracy for LifeDesign and technologyMFL x2Geography

Students will also experience an enrichment curriculum aimed at developing the students holistically and aimed specifically at aspirations towards University or high quality post 16 pathways. 


Students will follow a curriculum that is EBACC compliant. They will continue to have their core subjects together and reintegrate with core for options subjects where applicable. 

CoreOption 1Option 2Option 3
Maths English LanguagePhysicsHistoryFree ChoiceFree Choice
 English LiteratureBiologyGeography  

This will result in the students gaining 11 qualifications at GCSE Level or equivalent

Expected learning

Students will develop a deep understanding of content. They will have access to a wide range of subjects in order to make a fully informed decision about future pathways and use that to determine their choices at the end of year 9. 

Expected outcome


Students are expected to make a full grade (1 APS) over the academic year. This would make progress roughly in line with 4 sub levels. This will tie in with department flightpaths for expected outcomes. 


Overall average P8 outcomes to be positive for Grammar Stream. UPA students to improve upon previous trends and achieve in line with cohort. 

Students to attend sixth form provision either at NLL or within the area. Students to attend high quality further education provision. 


Assessment will follow the core (mainstream) model. Assessment should provide students with the opportunity to extend stretch and challenge. In Maths, assessments should make clear links to reasoning and problem solving activities.  In Science assessments should be subject specific to prepare the students for triple science. Assessments should be regularly monitored and moderated in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose and provide opportunities to meet the top marks.