New Line Readers Rapidly On The Rise

New Line Learning Academy has been crowned the best in Kent when it comes to promoting reading. 

NLL attended the Kent Literacy Awards where we walked away with the 'Reading for Pleasure' award, recognising the Academy for its 'Everyone's a Reader' initiative led by Nicole Simmons and the Literacy Team. 

The initiative puts a great focus on providing pupils with 1:1 and small group support, giving pupils more detailed and encouraging support, helping to boost their confidence with reading. 

Alongside the personal support pupils receive, they can also attend a morning reading club which offers milk and cookies, the aim being to create a comfortable environment for the pupils to begin reading.

To encourage reading early on, all Year 7 pupils are given access to Literacy Lab Lessons which help pupils explore how to read and different reading techniques. 

Tiger Primary School also picked up an award, winning the 'Buster's Book Club Champion' award for their involvement with Buster's Book Club which has been led by Laura Webbster. 

Previously in the year, Terry Waite came into both schools to provide pupils with certificates for their reading efforts.

Both schools continue to promote reading for every year group and are always looking at new and innovative ways at encouraging our young people to start reading.