New School Uniform 2019

I am pleased to announce, as from September 2019 New Line Learning Academy will be introducing a new uniform for pupils in Key Stage 3. The decision to change the uniform has been taken to reflect the ever-improving standard of education we deliver at the academy, and to provide a distinct and clear identify to the surrounding community. 

The new uniform will consist of a compulsory grey blazer embroidered with the academy logo, a plain white collared shirt with a new house tie, black trousers or skirt and black shoes. 

Parents and carers will also be able to purchase an optional jumper to be worn in combination with the blazer. However, it is important to note that the jumper cannot replace the blazer, the official jumper is the only jumper accepted as part of the new uniform. 

All pupils are expected to wear the blazer when in school, although blazers can be removed in classrooms at the member of teaching staff’s discretion. 

In order to minimise the cost to parents and carers, all pupils currently in Key Stage 3 and pupils joining us in the new academic year, will be provided with a blazer and a house tie free of charge.

In order to ensure the correct fit, the academy has planned fitting sessions in school for all pupils. It is expected pupils will receive their blazer and tie before the summer break. We will be holding a gifting day for years 7 and 8 to receive their new uniform items on Monday, 15th July 2019. 

Pupils in Key Stage 4 will continue to wear the existing school uniform and are not expected to purchase or wear a blazer. However, as items of uniform wear out or are lost and need to be replaced, they will have to be purchased from the new stock.  

Please note, all pupils will be required to wear a tie, a plain white collared shirt will be required and as such cardigans and blouses will no longer be part of the school uniform.

In addition, we are proud to introduce a new PE kit. The PE kit will be made of a breathable material from a reputable sports brand. For the first time it will also include the option to buy a sports jumper. Pupils joining us for the next academic year will be required to purchase the new PE kit. Pupils currently attending the academy, will again, need to replace worn out or lost kit with the new stock. 

Uniform can still be purchased through our existing supplier Simmonds. All items of the new uniform, with pricing information, can be found and purchased on their website:

More information can be found here: new-school-uniform

Yours sincerely,

Mr P Murphy