Not Quite New Deputy Headteachers

Two well know faces at New Line Learning Academy are no longer Acting Deputy Headteachers. 

Miss Mackie and Mr Jones have both become Deputy Headteachers and can finally scratch that 'Acting' part off of their office doors. 

This promotion comes as no surprise to the staff and students of NLL as both Miss Mackie and Mr Jones have been integral to the progress and recent achievements made at the academy. 

Both have been with the school for a long period of time and both have contributed to the rise in standards. Mr Jones has been with the school for just under 11 years whilst Miss Mackie has served the school for 16 years. 

Headteacher Mr Murphy said: ”It was fairly obvious given Miss Mackie and Mr Jones’ commitment to New Line Learning over the years and the outstanding work they continue to do at the academy that both were perfect for the positions of Deputy Headteacher”. 

“Everyone at the academy is pleased and we look forward to many more years with Mr Jones and Miss Mackie”.