Ski Trip Write Up and Pictures

Day 1

After a long, 15-hour journey, the students have arrived safely at the ski resort. 

The students took their first trip up the mountain and have been fully kitted out with skis and boots, ready for tomorrow. 

Throughout the week, we will nominate a “Ski Legend” and a “Pants” award. The Ski Legend award is given to someone that excels during the day, either through making great progress, completing a difficult run, telling a great joke, or simply doing anything of legendary status! The Pants award is given to someone that has either said or done something silly or amusing at their own expense. All winners are nominated and voted for by the students.

Ski Legend: Ronnie Boatman 

Pants: Callum Demery 

Day 2 - Crepe Day! 

It was our first day in the snow! Students were really excited and eager to get out in the snow and learn. 

The beginner groups quickly got to the top of the beginner slope, which shows massive improvement in a short space of time! 

The students took a stroll to eat ice cream and crepes, with flavours ranging from Nutella to ham.

The ‘Ski Legend’ was given to Bobby Lee Noakes for being so supportive to his peers and helping to pick people up when they had fallen. He also made the tough decision to move down groups to stop slowing his group down. This meant moving away from his friends as well. 

The ‘Pants’ award was given to Tommy Miller. This is for a completely non-ski-related fall, as he managed to fall over in the corridor of the hotel as he walked to our meeting point.

Pants: Tommy Miller

Ski Legend: Bobby Lee Noakes

Day 3

Students made really good progress today. The middle group were able to ski away from the beginner slopes and onto the main mountain in some very tricky conditions. The day was filled with lots of falls but students demonstrated resilience, and continued to develop their technique.

After a full day of skiing, the students went for a trip into town and feasted on traditional pizza. 

The nominations soon followed; the ‘Pants’ nominations were Aiden Tandy for falling over A LOT, but also attempting to show off in front of locals and falling over! The second nomination was Jake Chambers, for failing to keep up with his group and, as the group were taking their skis off ready for a hot chocolate, Jake came out of nowhere and tumbled into a men’s catalogue pose. (See photos). 

The nominations for the ’Ski Legend’ were Tommy Miller and Emily Weatherly. Tommy was nominated for his progress on the snow, but also for helping tidy up at every breakfast and dinner. Emily was nominated for her perseverance; she had a tough first day skiing, but was able to master her snowplough and turns by the end of day. 

The winners were...

Pants: Aiden Tandy

Ski Legend: Emily Weatherly

Day 4 - Over to Pila

Due to a heavy night of snow and some dangerous winds, our resort in Courmayeur was closed. However, Interski were amazing and arranged for us to travel to their other resort in Pila! The students had an amazing opportunity to see another ski resort and explore some new areas.

Today saw the last day of the nursery slopes. All the students can now snowplough and turn and have developed so much that they will now be able to explore more and more of the mountains. 

The evening was filled with a fun quiz, where 3 teams battled it out for the quiz master title. Rounds consisted of general knowledge, charades, and pringle and plank challenges. The winners were Lucy, Tommy, Riley and Aiden. 

The ‘pants’ nominations were Jake Chambers and Bobby Lee Noakes. Jake was nominated for falling off a chair lift and, whilst attempting to get back up, being knocked over again by the same chair. Bobby was nominated for falling off a simple ski carpet whilst standing still and then skiing down into his entire group, causing a pile up of students! 

The ‘Ski Legend’ nominations were Tommy Miller and Lucy Hatter. Tommy was nominated for his outstanding progression in skiing and his fantastic attitude during meals. Lucy was nominated for developing her confidence, and also her ability to ski backwards without falling over! 

The winners were...

Pants: Jake Chambers 

Ski Legend: Lucy Hatter

Day 5 - SNOW DAY!!!!

The snow had fallen heavily over night again and Courmayeur’s heavy winds had settled, so we were back up the mountain today. 

The beginner group headed straight for the big slope in the beginner’s area, with all of them mastering their turns and stopping. The second group practiced their skills all over the mountain, being challenged on some tricky powder red runs! There were lots of falls, but everyone made so much progress, with many of the group starting to ski parallel. 

The ‘pants’ nominations were Sophie Whyman and Bobby Lee Noakes. Bobby was nominated for managing to fall off of a button lift- twice! This was then followed by laughing at Callum for falling, then falling himself and ripping his ski trousers! Sophie was nominated for snow ploughing into the back of Andrew Nugent and causing a cascade of collisions; she then repeated the same error, skiing into her brother, Joesph. Sophie also had a torrid time of it on one powdery red run, where she spent more time off of her skis than she did on them. 

The ‘Ski Legend’ nominations were unanimous this evening. The nominated student was so supportive and helpful to others in their group and even strangers around them. He started by falling over, and, as another student came past him and was close to heading in the wrong direction, the nominated Ski Legend managed to stop them and keep them safe. The nominated Ski Legend also stepped off a lift to help a young skier from another school when they were in trouble, even though they were told off by the Italian mountain marshals. 

The winners are....

Pants: Sophie Whyman

Ski Legend: Callum Demery

Day 6 - “Best day of the season”

With the snow falling over the last 2 days, day 6 saw the beaming sun come out! This made for an amazing day of skiing. 

With fresh snow on the ground, the students explored the entire mountain range and hit some epic powder runs! 

The pants nominations were Lucy Hatter and Aiden Tandy...again! Lucy was nominated for somehow managing to ski into another skier on a mountain that had no one else on it. There was so much room for her to turn and avoid a collision, but she skied directly into an elderly man. They then shared a confused stare, before both skiing off. Aiden was nominated for falling off-piste into a 5-metre ditch and he had to be rescued by his instructor. This one fall was one of many falls that he had throughout the day.

The Ski Legend nominations were Riley Paterson and Tommy Miller- again! Tommy was nominated for stopping at the top of a lift and helping a young skier that had fallen over. Tommy helped them up and made sure that they were okay, before he joined his own group. Riley was nominated for his progression in skiing and the resilience that he demonstrated through skiing with a sore shin. 

The winners are...

Pants: Aiden Tandy

Ski legend: Riley Paterson