Parent Forum

We would like to invite parents to our next Parent Forum on Tuesday 24th April at 5.00pm

Dear Parents/Carers

This is a note of information regarding our last Parents Forum and confirmation of our next meeting on 24th April at 5.00pm

A number of issues were discussed at the inaugural meeting including uniform, the proposed House system, parental tours of the academy during the day, use of the 360 planners, tutor changes for Year 9, attendance, the Sixth Form and home learning. 

There was also a very useful discussion on the value of appropriate rewards for the students. The meeting itself was a frank exchange of views designed to move the academy forward in its pursuit of a ‘good’ judgement from Ofsted in the future. 

It was also agreed by the parents present that they would each try to bring someone along to the next meeting who was ‘outside’ of the immediate family circle. The idea behind this was to increase the size of the Parent’s Forum to facilitate a wider and more balanced exchange of opinions and views. The overriding theme of the meeting was the need to improve the two – way dialogue/communication between the parents/carers and the academy.

The next meeting has no formal agenda as yet, but if any parent wishes to add any requests then please e-mail these to us. Certainly, a focus of our discussions will be to report back and update on any of the issues raised from the first meeting. 

Please note also that I will not be present at the next meeting due to a long standing Ofsted meeting. In my absence, it will be led by Mr McCarthy, Ms Mackie and Mr Jones.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of NLL and shared enthusiasm for improved outcomes for all our students.

Mr P. Murphy