Appeal for Duke of Edinburgh's Award Funding

We need your help!

New Line Learning Academy have recently launched the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award programme for students at our school. This is an exciting opportunity for our pupils to develop lifelong skills such as teamwork, resilience and ingenuity. We believe this opportunity will be particularly rewarding for them as they will be developing these skills outside of the usual classroom setting where they will be exposed to new experiences. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a highly valued qualification with both colleges and employers which we believe will give our young people further opportunities in the future.

New Line Learning Academy has the fourth highest number of students who qualify as pupil premium in Kent. This illustrates the number of our pupils who are from disadvantaged and low-income families. As a school we are desperately stretched financially and need all the extra support we can get. We need your help to give these pupils the opportunity to undertake this fantastic programme. The main financial cost involved for us is buying equipment such as tents, camping stoves and maps for the expedition.

We believe with your support we can offer this fantastic opportunity for our young people and give them the much needed boost that so many deserve.

Please get in contact if this is something that you feel you may be able to support with.


Telephone: 01622 743286.