Marketing and Digital Communications VWEX

We are looking for students who have an interest in marketing and digital communications as a career to support a real life project with research and development with a marketing focus.

You will be involved in a real project that will involve you working in teams and as individuals to research the marketing and digital communications activities of a variety of training companies from across the UK and a few from overseas too. You will develop skills in research, data collection, data analysis and developing the ability to use this data to create new projects.

Your results from your participation will allow you to see the trends for marketing and digital communications across a whole industry sector, giving you a great insight. We would like to use these insights to be able to redesign our website and create a marketing strategy based on best practice found across the training industry.

This opportunity is ideal for anyone interesting in media, communications, digital communications, research, report writing, education, training or sales

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Mar 01 - 05 2021