New Line Learning has been recognised by Ofsted as taking effective action to tackle areas identified in their previous inspection. 

Ofsted, who conducted the inspection on March 7th, were impressed with the positive steps that have been implemented since our last inspection in October 2017. 

The inspector noticed many improvements being made in almost every area. Senior leaders are “determined to embed improvements across the school” and leaders and staff have been ‘successfully galvanised into making improvements in several school areas’. 

Pupils continue to make excellent progress here, with Ofsted noticing “work in pupils’ books shows that challenge in lessons is improving, particularly in English and mathematics. In key stage 3, teachers plan lessons well and set tasks that interest and engage pupils. This is increasingly the case in key stage 4, where teaching has improved”. 

How teachers assess pupils has also been improved; Ofsted state that teachers understand where pupils are in their learning and how much progress they are making in class.

Ofsted were happy to report the following: “pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is positive. Pupils reported that their peers behave respectfully towards each other and that teachers implement the new behaviour system very well. This means that lessons are purposeful and calm”. 

Mr Murphy was very pleased with the inspection’s findings, commenting “Everyone here at the academy has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes and standards for our pupils and it is very rewarding to see our efforts being externally recognised”.

“We understand that there is still much work to do, however, we will continue to make improvements for pupils’ benefit”. 

With the success of its most recent monitoring inspection, we are excited by the prospect of an upcoming full inspection and welcomes Ofsted to come back to fully take in the improvements being made.