NLL Virtual Sports Day

This year for sports day at NLL, you will be participating in the ‘Covid Games’!
You will be taking part in the heptathlon, participating in 7 events to score points for your house.

Each event has a bronze (30 points), silver (40 points), and gold (50 points) available. There are also 10 points available for participating within the event, even if you don’t reach the scores! Each event has anextra bonus challenge; if you can complete the bonus challenge, you will score 50 bonus points.

When competing, you will need to fill in the score sheet. This can either be done electronically, or you can draw your own table and take a picture. You also will need to submit video/picture evidence which clearly demonstrates the completion of each event.

Important: Please do not take part in the games if you have an injury that you could make worse. Please make sure you complete a warm up before taking part in the games. Make sure that you have an appropriate space in which to complete each event, to minimise the risk of injury or damage.

Please see the attached for more information

Have fun! Good luck!