School of Excellence


New Line Learning will be the school of choice for those with a passion in Performing Arts. 

2021 applications now open!
Do you have a passion for Performing Arts? Are you interested in Dance, Drama or Music? Do you want to learn more about the Performing Arts world? If you are a pupil who is going to be joining year 7 in September and you would like to be in  the School of Excellence please apply here. (

An innovative “Performing Arts School of Excellence” program has been developed devoted to evolving skills in Drama, Dance, Music and Technical Theatre. This program will offer exciting opportunities to perform cutting-edge theatre, inspire talent, and create innovative performances to successfully gain an RSL grade in Musical Theatre. 


Our artists will be more than actors; they will devise, direct, write and create theatre that pushes the boundaries of the conventional, challenges tradition, and produces innovative performance.

What is the School of Excellence?

The School of Excellence is a selective programme designed to enhance pupils’ drama, dance, music and technical theatre abilities. This programme will run alongside timetabled performing arts lessons, and will provide pupils with the opportunity to further develop and master a range of skills, taking their  involvement in the performing arts to the next level. For more information, please check out our information leaflet.

Who can apply?

The programme is open to all pupils who will be selected through an audition process. There are 10 places available in year 7. Please see below the key dates for the 2021 auditions. 

Application opens01/03/2021 
Application closes Deadline for applications16/04/2021
Letters to be sent home to applicants Letter outlining the key information and dates moving forward is sent home.WB 19/04/2021
Virtual Teams workshopApplicants to take part in a virtual workshop exploring Dance, Drama and Music. This workshop will also include some current SoE pupils.27/04/2021
Live workshop Applicants to attend NLL to take part in a 2-hour Dance, Drama and Music workshop with current SoE participants. 08/06/2021
Letter to applicants All applicants will be sent a letter informing them if they have been successful. Successful candidates will then be added to a group on Microsoft Teams where they will be set some fun summer projects. WB 14/06/2021
Summer workshop All pupils in SoE, including new year 7s, will be invited to a day participating in fun workshops to improve skill and work on a mini project. This will run in the summer holidays. TBC
How do I apply? 

Please click here to apply.


Pupils in Year 9 and 10 will gain an RSL PAA qualification at either grade 3 or 4. 

How can I see what is currently going on in the School of Excellence? 

Be sure to follow our Instagram page @nll_schoolofexcellence to see all the great work that the pupils are currently producing. 
Also, be sure to view our newsletters: