Travel & Tourism


The course is aimed to encourage you to develop personal, learning and thinking skills with qualities required for work in the Travel & Tourism industry. The travel and tourism sector offers a wide variety of careers, from cabin crew to customer service assistants to operations officer as well as opportunities to work abroad.

The Department:

Mr S. Fatania – Faculty Leader of Vocational studies

Mrs A. Fowden – Teacher of Travel and Tourism

The Curriculum:


Travel and Tourism is a primarily coursework-based subject. Pupils complete coursework to the highest possible standard.  This qualification is built on two core units that form the fundamental knowledge and understanding of travel and tourism principles.  It also includes two mandatory units which lead to a broader understanding of the sector. Finally, there are six optional units that offer specialised information on the sector. 

KS4 Topic Overview and Assessment

You will be assessed in two different ways. Units 2, 4 and 5 are assessed through internal assessment.  This means that your teacher will give you an assignment brief and indicate to you the deadline for completing it.  Once your teacher has marked it, they will award you with a grade.   Your third assessment Unit 1 will be an external assessment (written exam).  This will be a task set and marked by Pearson.  You will have a set time in which to complete this task.

Over the two years, pupils will complete a total of 4 units.

Unit Information (Year 10):

1. The UK Travel and Tourism Sector (External assessed)

2. UK Travel and Tourism Destinations (Internally assessed)

Unit Information (Year 11):

4. International Travel and Tourism Destinations (Internally assessed)

5. Factors Affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism (Internally assessed)


The course concentrates on the health and social care industries, where learners may seek employment or study at a higher level. E.g. Cabin Crew, Travel Rep, Travel Agent, Attraction Management, Tour Guides and Travel Consultant to name a few.

Assessment & Key Performance Indicators


  • Assessment folders are kept in store cupboard where completed assessment are stored
  • Each unit will have front cover. Front covers will outline what work is completed and the grade achieved against each criterion from the specification
  • Each member of staff will have a tracker that monitors the assessments of pupils. This will be located with the individual staff member
  • Each course has internal units which are marked by subject teachers and external units which are either exams or externally assesses coursework

Where will assessed work be found?

In the Vocational Room in the locked cupboard.

How often will pupils complete an assessed piece of work?

As per each subjects’ assessment plan.

What measures does the department complete to ensure the assessment outcomes are accurate?

Moderation Mondays are used to moderate work.