Remote Learning

Current ScenarioFull Lockdown. Both pupils and staff are working from home for an extended period of time

In this scenario, all lessons will become lectures and go virtual. 

A new timetable has been provided which shows when subject “lectures” are. Lectures will be an hour long and pupils and staff will have a new virtual learning timetable. The only live learning will be via lectures and they will vary dependant on subject and year group.

Join your lecture via your calendar and access the lecture without your video and mute your microphone. 

To ask a question raise your hand and use the chat button for all questions. Your teacher can respond privately or to everyone.  

Lectures will be longer, usually an hour, and you will receive more documents to read independently. Make notes and view all of the documents. Where possible, all work will be completed as an assignment. You may have different tasks (like watch a video) to help you complete your assignment. 

If you are accessing Teams through a phone, complete the assignment in your book or on paper. 

If you need assistance with GCSE Pod visit –

If you need assistance with Microsoft Teams visit –

Any further questions please contact

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