Summer School Students at University

Pupils at New Line Learning Academy secured 10 places on the Kent & Medway Progression Federation Summer School at the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. 

Pupils from Year 9 attended CCCU, whilst Year 10 attended UKC. Whilst at these universities, pupils stayed in student accommodation, experiencing a small part of what makes up student life whilst attending a university. During the three days each year group were at their respective universities, pupils engaged with a variety of subjects, had the opportunity to meet other pupils from around Kent, and experienced days around Canterbury city. 

In the evenings, pupils were treated to a cinema trip, meals, and a disco. 

Year 10 pupil Billie-Jane Burton reflected on her bite sized university experience, saying: "it was a brilliant few days and I made loads of new friends. It has really helped me with deciding on what I want to do as a career". 

The summer schools are all free and open to pupils in year 9 & 10 who apply through the application process. 2020 applications will be available in April.