Terry Waite Congratulates Pupils for Outstanding Reading

On Tuesday 18th June, pupils from Tiger Primary School and New Line Learning Academy had the exciting opportunity of meeting Terry Waite. 

Terry has shown his support for reading a number of times and has urged schools to join Buster's Book Club - a competitive reading scheme set up by the KM Charity Team. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Terry Waite, Terry is a humanitarian and author. In 1987, Terry travelled to Beirut in Lebanon to aid in the release of Western hostages, but was kidnapped by Hezbollah, who accused him of being a CIA agent. Terry stayed a captive for almost 5 years. 

This terrible period in Terry's life led him to write several books about his experience. Pupils were fortunate enough to hear Terry read a passage from one of his books about his kidnapping and the struggles he encountered during his five years spent in incarcerated. 

Terry presented pupils from both schools with certificates for their outstanding progress and achievements in reading. 

He also gave both Tiger Primary School and New Line Learning Academy pupils a talk about the importance of reading, stating that one of the first things he requested after his release was to be taken to a bookshop.

We are excited to read the full article on KentOnline shortly!