The Fantastic Four

At New Line Learning academy ‘The Fantastic Four’ has been designed with pupils and staff so that our pupils are “superheroes” in the classroom. They are RoutinesLearningAmbition and Reflection.


Clear expectations and consistent teaching allows all pupils to progress. In every classroom there are routines. Think about the following:

  • Ready, respectful, safe
  • How do you enter/exit the room?
  • The SWAT system
  • Can you earn House Points for your House?
  • Are you equipped for your learning?
  • Are you being polite?
  • Are you following the academy’s expectations?
  • If you need support, are you asking for it?


Learning is at the very heart of what we do. We want our pupils to experience the same excitement that we do around our subject areas. Are you learning? How can you make progress? Think about the following?

  • Focus and engagement
  • Independent application
  • Recall – what can you remember?
  • Knowledge – what do you know?
  • Are you challenging yourself?
  • Questioning. Your teacher will:
  1. POSE a question
  2. PAUSE for thinking time
  3. POUNCE on someone for the answer
  4. BOUNCE it to another pupil to extend or challenge


  • We want pupils to ‘Believe and Achieve’at New Line Learning. Teachers look to promote self belief and motivate, inspire and challenge pupils to be the best they can. We believe that there are no failures, only opportunities to learn from. Look to develop your:
  • Thirst for learning
  • Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Independent application
  • Aspirations

Your well-being is important, ensure you keep active, live a healthy lifestyle and get plenty of sleep so that you can fulfil your ambitions with us.


Staff and pupils should regularly reflect on their practice and understand strengths and areas still to be worked on. To strive to be the best we can be we will:

  • Read your work, highlight areas you can improve
  • Peer assess, mark each others work
  • Self assess, mark your own work from the teachers guidance
  • Read your teachers comments 
  • Use those comments to improve your work
  • Use previous lessons to build upon what you know and revise effectively