The Farm

New Line Learning Academy’s farm is an award-winning school farm.

The New Line learning farm has been at the site for over 35 years but had outgrown its outdated buildings. In 2016, it moved into new and improved buildings nearer to the main academy building, which include modern classrooms, a barn, cattle shed, outdoor pens, grazing areas and more. Vocational courses are taught as part of the national curriculum and on average 15-20 classes a week are held at the unit. The inclusion unit is for young people who are not always suited to conventional methods of teaching and their work on the farm allows them to work and learn about science, farming and rural skills.

Animals kept at the farm include cattle, sheep, pigs, donkeys, ponies, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese, which are looked after and cared for by the pupils and Young Farmers' Club. The farm enter our animals into various contests across the country, including the prestigious Kent County Show, which it won a prize in 2015.

We believe the benefits of young people working with animals are immense. Working with animals on a regular basis not only has a calming affect but teaches young people discipline, commitment and gives them a great feeling of self-worth. 

We welcome visitors to the farm from across the community including other schools and voluntary organisations who feel the farm may benefit their service users. If you would like to discuss a visit please contact the NLL school:

NLL Academy, 
Boughton Lane, Loose, 
ME15 9QL

t: 01622 743286
f: 01622 741963


NLL's Young Farmers' Club is open to everyone, if you would like to have more information please email: