Home Learning

Home Learning is an important part of learning. Home Learning is set: 

1. To encourage and support students to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work and learn independently 

2. To strengthen the liaison between home and school through the use of the 360. Checking and signing homework, with all projects available on the website. 

3. To develop skills of self-study and research 

4. To extend learning 

There are different types of Home Learning students can receive:

Microsoft Teams: assignments will be set on Microsoft Teams. Pupils can access Microsoft Teams using their NLL login credentials. Here staff can mark and monitor progress for pupils.  

GCSE POD: NLL has purchased a supporting revision and extension package. Pupils can log in to GCSE POD using their usual login credentials. Here pupils can find extension activities, videos to support learning, quizzes, past papers and much more. Home Learning may also be set for Year 10 and 11 via GCSE POD. 

Projects: MT may not be suitable for all subjects. For subjects that require a different approach, projects will be set via the 360. All access to these projects can be found on the school website under Pupils – Home Learning. 

Home Learning Pack: Pupils may be provided a Home Learning pack which will cover a period of time, i.e a topic, a term or the academic year. Pupils will be responsible for looking after the pack, completing the home learning and bringing it to their teacher to have it marked. 

For examination classes at key Stage 4 departments will also provide useful links, past papers and examination materials to support revision and work at home. All of these resources and links to the home learning can be access through the home learning site at: www.newlinelearning.com