BAE Systems - STEM Roadshow

New Line Learning Academy welcomed BAE Systems as they gave our young people a talk and demonstration on how communications technology works and how it has improved over the years. 

Aerospace company BAE Systems brought their enthusiastic and infectious energy, flying out on hover boards to greet our Key Stage 3 pupils. 

They covered a wide variety of topics and technologies regarding communications in the digital age, allowing pupils to take part in demonstrations and challenges which visualised how communication and certain technologies work. 

The first demonstration involved pupils making a phone call and replicating how the signal moves from one phone to the other by throwing a bean bag from one side of the room to the other.  

The next demonstration involved night vision goggles and a dark tent, with one pupil having to find boxes and items using the night vision goggles to show everyone how infrared light works and how it can be utilised to help see in the dark. 

Their last demonstration was helped by Sphero technology - a ball that responds to commands made on iPads and other smart devices. Two pupils were chose to race the Sphero balls using the iPads provided. The balls proved hard to control at first but the pupils got used to the technology and quickly entered race mode. 

There was a lot more to the Sphero technology than just a rolling ball, the company have built this product in an attempt to get young people more involved with coding. 

We would like to thank BAE Systems for delivering a fantastic presentation and educating our pupils on modern communication technology.