Think Forward - Term 5

ThinkForward are always looking for opportunities to get our pupils out visiting different businesses and locations to help pupils understand their future options. 

For Career Insight Day ThinkForward took pupils to Medway NHS, which was opened by the CEO. Pupils listened to inspirational career stories from a variety of staff with their own career paths and achievements. On the day pupils also participated in a simulation suite, personality testing and infection control, giving our pupils a taste of what jobs some NHS workers have.   

ThinkForward had another insight day for pupils to attend, this time it was at the famous Marlow Theatre in Canterbury. The Marlow theatre employs a variety of staff and hosts a number of different performances throughout the year. Pupils learned about many of these different positions and what a typical day might be like for theatre employees and performers. 

ThinkFoward love their insight days, and last place we visited was Gallinée, the skincare company. During their time with Gallinée, pupils learnt about the beauty brand and how it started as a start-up business. Throughout the day their knowledge was put to the test as they worked on how to create a cosmetic product, how social media might be used in a business setting, the HR and finance side of business, and how sales and marketing are crucial to a thriving business.

Insight days give pupils the opportunity to get a better understanding of the labour market and the possible careers open to them. We would like to thank all of the companies for hosting us and giving our young people incredible insight into different careers.