Dear Parents/Carers, 

You may be aware of recent media coverage of a 'bicycle ride-out' involving approximately 100 children on Saturday 15 June in the Maidstone area.

On that day, officers were called about a group of cyclists riding around Maidstone in a dangerous and antisocial manner. These young people were riding their bikes against the flow of traffic on busy roads, pulling dangerous stunts and abusing other members of the public. It is very fortunate that none of the cyclists or other road users were seriously injured as a result of the ride-out.

A dispersal order was immediately put in place for the town centre and its purpose and remit was explained to the group of cyclists. 

However, it has come to the attention of Kent Police and Maidstone Borough Council that another ride-out for this weekend, on Sunday 30 June, has been planned and we have serious concerns that if this behaviour continues in the way it did two weeks ago, someone will be seriously injured.

A dispersal order will again be put in place for the Maidstone area as before and we will be encouraging young cyclists to enjoy riding their bikes in safe and appropriate locations such as the purpose-built bike and skate area in Millennium Park.

Officers have the power to seize bicycles and carry out enforcement against those found committing offences.

If you believe your child may be taking part in tis type of ride-out, we ask for your support in discouraging them and warning them about the consequences of riding irresponsibly and taking part in antisocial behaviour.

Ultimately, we don't want to have to seize any bikes or carry out any type of enforcement.

"But our number one priority is public safety and we are hoping as parents and carers, you will be able to support us in keeping everyone safe this weekend.

- Insp Mark Hedges
Maidstone Community Safety Unit