Best Sports Day Ever?

When Term 6 begins, there are a few events staff and pupils can't wait for, one of these events is Sports Day. 

This year's Sports Day was highly anticipated thanks to the addition of the house system which added a more competitive edge to all the activities that took place. 

Ash, Elm, Oak, and Yew all competed against each other to see who would be crowned 2019 Sports Day Champions. There were plenty of sports to be played - football, tug of war, relay races, javelin throwing, netball, almost as many sports as the Olympics host. 

Pupils fought hard throughout the day to give their house the advantage before concluding with a mixed house relay race at the end of the day. The results were tight with 2nd and 3rd place separated by a single point. And the results were...

         4th.    Elm
         3rd.    Oak
         2nd.   Yew
         1st.    Ash

Congratulations to Ash house for a superb display at this year's Sports Day!

With Sports Day in the bag, it looks like Ash are going to win the most house points for the academic year... unless Yew have a late revival during the final two weeks of term. 

All of the staff had a fantastic day, pupils behaviour was fantastic as they really got into the spirit of the day. 

We look forward to next year's Sports Day!!