Question Time with the Head

Parents and carers are being invited to a TV-style ‘Question Time’ with the head and the school’s senior leadership team on Tuesday 16th January 2018 from 5pm - 6.30pm. 

The event, on Tuesday January 16, will take place from 5pm – 6.30pm and give parents the chance to fire any queries they might have at the team, regarding anything from teaching and uniform to behaviour and school policies.

The forum is part of a broader plan by headmaster Paul Murphy to engage more closely with the parents and carers of his pupils.

Mr Murphy will be inviting anyone who wants to look around the school and its facilities to book an appointment – something generally only offered to Year 6 children and Year 7 new entrants.

He also hopes to set up a Parents’ Association – similar to the highly-successful one operating at Tiger Primary School.

The school will soon be launching a consultation on a potential new uniform and the introduction of a ‘house’ system, where pupils will be asked to suggest names and colours.

Mr Murphy also hopes to make more information available on the school website, via a Q&A column and a regular blog.

He said: “All of these initiatives are designed for forge closer links with our school community. It’s important that parents and carers feel they can talk to us and raise any issues or questions. Hopefully this will be the first such Q&A session of many and I hope we will get support from a good number of parents.”