Invicta Summer Academy

There is a new online summer resource for students of all Key Stages

Invicta Summer Academy is a free online summer school aimed at school children in Kent to help them catch up in the core subjects of Maths and English four days a week.

They are running throughout the summer holidays and will be running Maths and English lessons across five key stage groups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

On Wednesday they will be future facing with a Showcase themed aspirational session, the first showcase is on Sport and will feature non other than Lizzy Yarnold. In most cases all key stages will be invited to attend, however we envisage this will appeal mostly to secondary aged pupils.

Maths and English lessons will be taught from an established scheme of work offering standalone teaching in specific principles. Each lesson will be 45 minutes in duration and taught via Zoom

Lessons will be split into Key stage 1 (KS1), Key stage 2 lower (KS2L), Key stage 2 upper (KS2U), Key stage 3 (KS3) and Key stage 4 (KS4)

Timetable Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

1000 - 1045  Maths KS1, 2L, 2U, 3 & 4 - Five separate lessons 

11 -1145 English KS1, 2L, 2U, 3 & 4 - Five separate lessons 

The curriculum spreadsheet is attached so you can see which lessons are being taught on specific dates 

Safeguarding children is the first and foremost priority:

The Zoom lesson will be moderated by a facilitator, who has an enhanced DBS check, who will manage the Chat Function and relay questions back to the teacher. The slides will be run by the teacher via the Screen Share option within Zoom. The lesson will be run as a webinar meaning that only the teacher and facilitator and teacher will be in vision. The children will not be visible to each other or the teacher and moderator.

Students will not have the capacity to talk to each other in the group nor will they be able to private message each other or the presenters. 

As part of our pupil recruitment parents agree to sign up to the  code of conduct and they are asked to be present and available during the lesson. The moderator and Invicta Summer Academy administrators will have contact details for parents should an issue arise during the lesson and they need to urgently get hold of the parents