New Line Learning Academy celebrates an excellent GCSE Results Day

The staff and students at New Line Learning Academy are incredibly pleased with the results achieved, exemplifying the excellent progress students continue to make at the Academy.

The headteacher Paul Murphy commented: “Our students can be justly proud of their results which highlight the hard work and determination that they have expressed throughout the year. I would also like to thank Jane Hadlow for all of her hard work in the previous academic year”

Out of the 112 students, 51% achieved a grade 4-9 (A*-C) in English and 48% Achieved a 4-9 (A*-C) in Maths.

Emily Kiely achieved grades 7(A) in both English subjects, 6(B) Maths, with three Bs and two Distinction* a Distinction, and an AS in creative writing.

Bronte Mitchell secured a 5(B/C) in English Language, an 8(A/A*) in English literature, 7(A) in Maths, two A*, two As, and a distinction*

Joe Thompson received a 4(C) in English language, 5(B) English literature, 5(B) in Maths, A in catering.

Other students who achieved top grades include Emily Hellwege who received, 8(A/A*) in English Language, a 9(A*) in English Literature, and a 7(A) in Maths; and Oliwer Sowinsky, achieved grades in 7 subjects, including a 6(B) in Maths, and an A grade, despite only joining in January.

In total, around 1/4 of students received a top grade of A or A*