NLL Literacy Stars

Twelve of our students have been rewarded for their reading efforts earning the title of Literacy Stars. 

Their hard work doesn’t stop here as the students aim to encourage other students to read more through the Buster’s Book Club reading reward scheme whilst also mentoring pupils at nearby primary schools.

Our Literacy Stars were rewarded with special T-shirts for their commitment to reading. 

Key Stage 3 English co-ordinator Lauren Meek said: “Our kids are really getting on well with it and are starting to develop a love and appreciation for reading.”

The scheme turns reading into a competitive activity, getting classes within a school to compete against each other to see who can read the most each week. Pupils have a target of a set number of minutes to spend reading alone, with their parents or by listening to an audio book.

Every school has a trophy to award to the best or most improved class each week – and every month there are big prizes for the best classes in each district, such as tickets to Leeds Castle and Wildwood, and storytelling visits from celebrities.

For more information, or to sign up, visit or contact Kathy Beel at