Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year took New Line Learning by storm on Tuesday 5th February. 

Staff and students at New Line Learning spent the day celebrating Chinese New Year by taking part in traditional Chinese activities.

Chinese Calligraphy

Students took on the difficult task of Chinese Calligraphy, an aesthetically pleasing form of writing using a brush and ink to create the artists expression of human language. The students came up with some beautiful calligraphy and symbols.

Chinese Lanterns

One of the most iconic traditional Chinese decorations is the Chinese Lantern. Students were given the opportunity to produce a paper version that they could hang up around the classroom. Creating the lantern was not an easy task and required a lot of focus and attention to get the correct measurements and style needed. Our students produced some fantastic lanterns that are sure to become part of the classroom decor. 

Kung Fu

To get our students on their feet we had an instructor come in to teach our young people the basics of the Chinese martial art, Kung Fu. Students channelled their energy into moves and stances that are typical of Kung Fu. The martial art requires an intense amount of focus, patience and energy to master and our students made an incredible effort to learn the techniques and movements. 


Traditional Chinese Dancing

Dance in China is an extremely mixed and expressive art form, with many different modern and traditional methods and genres. Our students participated in one of the more traditional dances that can be performed, this dance included the use of a dapostar - a cloth with 8 points used for spinning and defined movement. Students were taught intricate movements that would sometimes involve both a partner and a dapostar. Everyone really enjoyed this one as some students were able to learn new movements and dance techniques that they may be able to incorporate into their dance routines for their show at the Hazlitt Theatre.

Finally our students ended the day by watching a Chinese film - House of Flying Daggers. 

The day was an incredible experience for students who are not familiar with Chinese culture and tradition. The activities set out were just a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Chinese, we hope this pushed students into taking an interest into other cultures and traditions separate from their own.

We would also like to thank everyone involved for setting up and running these fantastic activities.